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Migration to Web enabled, Web Applications - Web based applications development outsourcing

Why you should Migrate your Applications to web based applications?
  • Low Cost, Low maintenance, No Software Licenses Required
  • Easy to use, No learning curve for users.
  • Information on your finger tips wherever you are even on the move
  • Information delivery, availability and portability it provides

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In Today's world Web applications are replacing Traditional windows based applications very fast.

Web interfaces have increasingly replaced what have previously been thought of as traditional, single-user or multi-user applications. Most relevant example, Internet based Microsoft Help replaced Windows Help as the primary help system in Microsoft Windows family operated systems. This replacement didn't took place in a day or two, its how web based applications have evolved themselves time to time and proven more efficient as compared to windows based or traditional applications. With the arrivals of Web 2.0 there are many reasons as why to go for web enabled or web based application. The most common reason is very low cost of such applications, and the information delivery and availability it provides. You don't have to pay high bucks for the software licenses when you are running web based applications. The information you require is available at your finger tips whether you are at home or on the move traveling. It  delivers you all the information you need to manage your business more efficiently wherever you are.

Web Applications are easier to deploy and manage because there's no installation involved. You open your favorite web browser, type in the URL of your application server, and you are ready to use it.  Every user in your organization  is using the same version so you never have to support a mix of old versions. Your application is automatically available at virtually every reasonable computer on the planet with the security methods you choose. 

Another significant advantage of building Web applications is web applications perform as specified regardless of the operating system or OS version installed on a given client. Rather than creating clients based installation of softwares for MS Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems, the application can be written once and deployed almost anywhere. 

Additionally, the ability of users to customize many of the display settings of their browser (such as selecting different font sizes, colors, and typefaces, gives users an customized experience to a organization's Web application.

Advantages to Organization :

1. No Software Licenses Required : You can easily avoid paying huge license fee for the commercial software, database and application servers if you adopt a web based platform as there are free open source software available for web based development.

2. Information Accessibility : You are not locking yourself and your business information on a single computer, or computers inside your organization. You can choose to have complete or a part of your business information to be accessed outside of your organization via internet or a virtual private network.

Your management team or employees can have access to business critical information even when they are on the move.

Advantages to users : 

  • Easy to use interface.
  • They can work on their favorite Operating system and favorite browser
  • Every one uses the same interface, Which can be customized as per user preferences
  • No local installation or management required
  • Users need not worry about taking back up's as the same task as been performed centrally by the system admin

Advantages to system Admin, Technological advantages :

  • Easy to deploy, no installation required on the client or user machines
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy Single console Admin
  • Support Widely available

Please do get in touch with us if you need more information as how Takniki can help you in designing, developing or converting your business applications to web applications.

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