Reengineering software Systems Software modifications

Reengineering software Systems Software modifications
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Reengineering  Challenge Reengineering implies changes of various types and depth to a system

System Reengineering - The TAKNIKI Way

System Reengineering means changes to existing system. The changes could be of various types, variety of depths, and on different levels. It can cover slight renovation to a complete and total overhaul in terms of design, structure and programming. 

Here are some of the common scenarios, questions, concerns and challenges our existing clients normally had before they approached us for their system reengineering requirements.

  • We had a system developed for us, but now with the time we have to change several things, We need to improve the system's functionality at various levels, increase the usability, make it more secure and stable. The performance has also been a affecting factor; We need to change the way present system is, we need to change the system's architecture, we are also thinking of taking our system to another technology platform or migrate to a more efficient and better Database. But we do not have the documentation for this system, or knowledgeable staff to handle this. How do we get these changes done? 

  • We have couple of isolated systems in our organization working independently. This systems were specifically developed or hired to suffice the needs of respective departments. As these systems supplement each other, most of our users have to use all three of them. This makes their work more complicated and adds a lot of extra work for the system administrators. We want to combine them and have one system in place on a single platform to avoid data redundancy and obtain better data management.

  • We have some standalone systems which works on Desktop machines even without a LAN connection, but we would like to make them centralized (work in a networked environment) so that it minimizes the job of installations, data copying, back up and system admin.

  • We have a software system which was developed by our in house software developer, but he no longer works with us. And we couldn't find anyone capable of working on this system and it's maintenance. There is no documentation or comments in the program. What shall we do? 

Takniki's Approach
Takniki's proven techniques, approach in identifying the problem and applying solutions, well planned methodology along with the expertise lets us reengineer very complex systems even in situations when there is absolutely no or very poor documentation and help available. Takniki takes the following steps in approaching each task: 

  • Existing System Analysis and Examining the Design 
  • Learning the Client's requirements 
  • Analyzing documentation (if documents are available) 
  • Analyzing Source Code
  • Detecting the flaws and weaknesses of the system
  • Gearing up to change the system
  • Testing the performance of the new system and Error Handling 
  • Making the application on production platform

Takniki's Experience
As of today Takniki's team of experts have successfully completed over 195 reengineering projects with various levels of complexity on different platforms.

Please do write to us at if you need further assistance or need any information about changes in your existing system.

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