Offshore Software Development Offshore Software Team Outsourcing To India

Offshore Software Development Offshore Software Team Outsourcing To India
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Off shore IT Team Setup

Off shore IT Service Provider, Existing in House Team expansion: 

One of Takniki's core offerings is setting up on demand IT Team to take care off your IT requirements and complete your in-house IT Team. The offshore IT Team lets you control your cost while on the same time giving you a robust, dynamic yet flexible instant IT setup.  

The caliber and skills of our professionals has always been our prime strength. Besides our pool of professionals, the knowledge and experience which we have gained from our commercial project world over becomes immediately available to you when you choose Takniki as your offshore IT Service provider. 

We have tried to pick up most common situations below, when our clients hire us for Off shore IT services : 

Client Scenario (Situation):
We have a reasonably good IT team, but it's not capable enough to execute certain jobs. The team  lacks certain technical skills and experience and we can't expand it quickly because of the budget limitations. We'd like to have our IT department the way we want it and we want it to be completed by an outsourcing team; however we don't want to change our style and processes. 

When you have requirement as above, as a client you are definitely concerned with these common issues: 

 - Does outsourcing really work for ongoing IT Requirements??
Wondering if outsourcing really works for routine ongoing IT requirements? You have a system which requires regular maintenance and continuous updates. No problems, no matter what the project size and duration is we always provide dedicated Team of professional to take care of all your requirements. If required this team of professional can work on your time schedules thus eliminating time differences completely. Our team works jointly with your internal staff to make sure every requirements has been taken care of in timely manner.

 - Will our existing people work well with 'those other foreignar' guys? 

It always seems easier to explain the task to the person at next desk and it is much easier to explain things to someone face to face. It seems that we will loose much time and energy in the constant email correspondence? It seems much easier to explain the task to a person at the next desk than a person overseas.

Most of our clients for outsourcing services used to wonder with above concerns, till they started working with us. 

Setting up the right chemistry and equation between your existing internal staff and our off-site team of consultants has always been the number one issue for us. It is a problem with many faces you have to take care of  time differences, cultural differences, communication skills, intra-team styles and many other factors, but our past experiences with our clients has taught us all the possible ways to completely knock off these issues. 

Takniki's Proven Method:
Takniki has been working on various projects, from new product development to a unique concept development, from network architecture to systems maintenance. We have a  proven methodology and amazing ability of  filling in the blanks. Following are some key approaches which we follow while working with an overseas client as an off shore IT Service Provider :

Work Hour Flexibility: We have Our development and support center operational 24 hours round the clock serving the needs of our clients spread across the globe. If project demands and requires our team can be scheduled to work on your  local working hours. 

Dedicated 24 X 7 Support via any method you choose:
Our support department is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year. Our Support professional are always available even on national holidays to take care of all of your IT needs and troubleshoot even of your littlest problems. We have New Jersey numbers so that you don't have to call international to reach us. Besides telephonic support we provide online web support through our support website and also via most popular instant messengers such as yahoo messenger or msn messenger.

Process flexibility
. We know how to work in various corporate environments and reporting structures. With this type of service, we are more focused on covering specific responsibility areas rather then following the standard 'politically correct' processes. Leadership is often more important than formalities and we are always working under the client's leadership; and if project demands we always come up on crucial times and take the initiatives and leadership.

Superb communication. You don't have to call long distance to reach Takniki we have New York numbers for it. And everyone speaks English and most of them follow the American or British accent. Very soon we will be adding London based local number in our list of numbers, so even the customers from U.K. can reach us without having to make a international call.

Dynamic teams
. Flexibility is what, which makes a project success or failure. We have always adopted the service standards which enables us to scale up or downsize team dedicated to you quickly. You don't have to lock yourself into a year-long contract with a fixed number of developers: we will be flexible according to your needs. We will always be providing you what you need and precisely when you need it.

Please do get in touch with us if you need more information as how Takniki can serve you to expand your organization's IT Strengths.
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