Network Security and Server Security Consulting India

Network Security and Server Security Consulting India
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Network Security Consulting and Network Management services :

Vulnerabilities in a network are exploited by both people inside the network and people outside the network. If your company is connected to the Internet or utilizes internal networking, a security evaluation is crucial to avoid compromises of valuable company resources and company information.  We offer both on-site and off-site network testing, as well as evaluations and assessments for secure network architecture. Takniki also develops custom security software and provide educational and training classes on information security topics. 

When we started business, breaking into computers wasn't even a crime. Since then, both major and small security problems have become a well-known and often looked as thorn in the side of almost every organization.

You can contract Takniki to examine or build your existing network architecture and make recommendations to optimize security. Whether you are expanding, upgrading, or simply wanting to make improvements to the overall security of your network, this is a valuable service at any time. In particular, we look at third party connections, expanding and defining security parameters, identifying and securing critical systems.

We at Takniki not only have rich experience in dealing with network security but also have world-class expertise. Whether it is about explaining how to write a password policy to your technical staff or describing to developers why "save %sp, -96, %sp" causes a window overflow trap which can lead to a buffer overflow vulnerability, We're just as comfortable as we are in designing the network architecture.

Every Activity at Takniki is done by hands. While testing your network we don't take help of network security scan software. Our team of security experts examine the network manually for each protocol and security loop hole. While testing, we typically invent entirely new attacks, just like a "real" hacker would. While architecting or designing a new network, we start with a clean sheet design. This unique approach makes us completely different from any other security consulting company.

We offer following Network Security services:

Penetration Testing
A realistic assessment of security--creative by design and policy is absolutely invaluable. We have found vulnerabilities and security holes in everything from a Web Server to a Internet Instant Messenger or be it a Point of Sale Payment Terminal. We provide the most realistic and useful security analysis anywhere in any network system. 

 - Network Testing: We test everything from a single computer, servers and firewall to an entire enterprise. 

 - Server Testing: When you are deploying a new server, whether in-house or in a data center, can result in significant security risks. We provide hard evidence of the risks, and then find a solution which doesn't reduce functionality and provides your the best working security model without compromising over functionality. 

 - Application Review: Many security lapses and vulnerabilities are caused by poorly written software applications. We can analyze source code to find inherent flaws. If source is not available, we can attack the application as an outsider, and suggest alternative mechanisms to ensure the applications meets the security criteria. 

 - Embedded Devices: We examine the devices to make sure that they comply with all security regulations. We also  try to work closely with the device manufacturer to ensure its long-term security and necessary firmware updates are available.
Our work focuses is always on:

 - Functionality:
Normally when it comes to security the organization has to compromise over software or network functionality. But we have rarely foudn that to be the case. Despite security being typically viewed as the enemy of functionality, we always find a solution which doesn't reduce functionality and provides you the best working security model without compromising over functionality and information accessibility. 

 - Scalability: We at Takniki clearly understand that nothing is forever. An Network architecture is not a one-shot, rather it's a step by step methodology for implementing all new services, connectivity, and policies. The architecture and systems grow with the customer's needs and this is why all our solutions are typically canvassed with NO LIMITS.. 

 - Cost: Despite our aggressive and extensive approach, significant capital expenditures are rarely recommended. In all most all of our suggested solutions time & materials costs are generally minimal. 

Secure Architecture makes security easier to maintain, expand and understand. To create a custom EGS Secure Architecture Plan, we analyze your business structure through discussions of corporate security issues and reviews of documentation such as network maps, policies and business processes. We then advise you on the best implementation of the most appropriate solution, which would address policy, technology and administrative elements.

Please write to us at to get more information on our network security services or have your network examined for security threats for FREE.

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