Business Process Outsourcing BPO in India Call Centre outsourcing to India

Business Process Outsourcing BPO in India Call Centre outsourcing to India
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Call center Technology outsourcing and Consulting services :

When it's your call, and your image is on the line,
Takniki is your best outsourcing Technology partner.

Since Takniki's inception, Takniki has constantly helped our clients to achieve their targeted business objectives, increase revenues, lower costs and improve customer relationships. We help our customers in setting up Digital call centers by providing superior cutting edge technology. The technology we use, internet integration we provide and extraordinary people we have, has helped in establishing Takniki as a premiere solution provider and technology consultant in the call center industry. 

Whether you need to divert your calls for your help-desk or your sales and support department or looking to divert all of your switch board operations to a call center based in India. Takniki can help you either by providing technology to set up your own call center or can connect you with some of the best quality call centers already handling thousands of calls.

Following are some of the questions and concerns our clients had before they approached Takniki for it's call center expertise.

1. Do I need call center outsourcing? Is this service beneficial for my company?

Call center outsourcing services are more and more used by all sizes of  businesses these days to reach out their customers and to market their products and services. Nowadays, where  market is getting extremely competitive and the customers are getting more aware and demanding its tough to keep them satisfied and to maintain the customer base which you obtain after lot of sales efforts. But engaging your in-house in staff in support and sales calls would mean a lot of money and time. Thus it's easier if you can divert your support calls or sales inquiries to a team which is like a extension to your sales or support department and doesn't carry much cost burden. The call center can handle typically Appointments Settings, Leads Generation, Your Inbound help desk, customer support and sales Calls, Live answering Service, Telesales, and  Market Research.

2. I want to set up a call center in India? but who can set that up for me ?

We have strategic agreements and tie ups with some of the leading call centers in the country, which are already handling thousands of calls a day for their huge customer base. As a solution provider and consultant, Takniki can connect you to any of these call centers so that your call center operations can start at the earliest with very minimal amount of expenditure.

3. I want to tie up with an Indian BPO Company to handle my calls ?? How do I find a reliable Call center partner?

Takniki has been working with a variety of call center setups ranging from half a dozen calls a day to thousands of calls a day whether in-bound or out-bound. We at Takniki always work closely with you to analyze your business requirements. Based on your requirements we connect you to a pool of suitable call centers, who are very well established in the industry having the very best of talent and technology. You can utilize their existing talent and skill sets to satisfy your ongoing call center needs.

Please do write to us at if you need further assistance or need any information about call centers, technology set up or services.

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